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The south shore of Hidden Harbour Lake is ringed by a charming grouping of on-lake Condominiums. The Condo Association consists of 48 residences built between 1986 and 2000, with a variety of configurations including 4 unit, 3 unit, and 2 unit buildings. The Hidden Harbour Condominium Association took over management from the developers in 1991. Condo ownership includes full lake privileges; including private docks for rowboats, sailboats and battery powered watercraft. The Condo Association provides lawn mowing, watering, tree and bush trimming, snow removal, exterior painting, roof and siding maintenance, seasonal dock installation and removal, plus maintenance and repair of East and West Hidden Harbour Roads and all driveways. The costs for these services are covered by the condo owners monthly dues that are based on the square footage of each unit.

Message from our Board of Managers

At Hidden Harbour, we understand that condo living is not the same as single family home ownership. We work hard to ensure that our residents have everything they need to thrive in a welcoming and enjoyable community. Our meticulously crafted documents are essential in protecting the privacy and well-being of our unit owners, as well as the overall value of their investments. We believe in the Golden Rule of “do unto others”, and always strive to maintain a positive relationship with our neighbors.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to the Hidden Harbour Condo Association Board Page – your dedicated team committed to creating an exceptional living experience for all our members. At the heart of our vibrant community, our Board works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of Hidden Harbour is not just maintained, but also flourishes. From facilitating top-notch amenities to fostering a warm, inclusive atmosphere, we are here to serve you and make Hidden Harbour more than just a residence, but a place you're proud to call home."

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